Product Design: Consumer goods

Hand Sanitiser – A recent job for Aeropak

Aeropak Hand Sanitiser 1
Product Design: Consumer goods 3

Hand Sanitiser – A recent job for Aeropak

Skills used
Product Lable – 3D rendering

With over 200 products completed, we work with the clients to create a product that is easy to recognise, with labelling that is both practical and emotional. Our expertise in design strategy helps us understand what motivates customers, while our knowledge of consumer goods, barcoding and GHS standards allows us to create a products with a clear brand and use that customers will buy.

Product Design: Consumer goods 4

BlueCrystal Creative design services include graphic design, branding and identity, catalogue production, photography, retouching, pre-press & large format printing, web management & design, eLearning, story-boarding & multimedia, video & audio production & editing.