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You DO judge a book by it's cover

Product Packaging & Product Labels is one of those rare cases where you do judge a book by it’s cover.  Your packaging and label design has to pull together five or more design elements.  The Logo, tag lines, colours, Label Content, GHS Compliant information, Barcodes all go together in a way that you don’t get left on the shelf. 

Because we’re bombarded with packaging design on a daily basis it’s often difficult to grab customer’s attention. Creating unique eye-catching custom retail packaging and custom box designs that suits the product, stands out against the competition on crowded shelves.  It doesn’t need to cost a fortune to produce, it just requires experience and time. 

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Packaging & Labels create your unique brand

First you MUST get noticed, so you need to give your product a unique point of difference so it stands out, and secondly you have to effectively communicate all the other information that customers want to know to make an informed buying decision.

So let’s look at step one; Understanding the environment in which your product will be sold is important. Looking at the competitors, looking at the points of difference a working to standout, inform and advise the buyer.

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GHS compliance and labelling

If your selling chemical based products through retail channels you need to know about GHS. The GHS chemical classification and hazard communication system is a single internationally agreed system of labeling and Safety Data Sheets (SDS). Currently many countries have different systems and protocols for classification and labelling of chemical products. These different systems make regulation of this hazard difficult, impose an additional burden on importing and exporting business and can also impact on safe use at the workplace level. We have experience with working with chemical based products and can walk you through the key requirements.



Yes, If your product/s are being sold by a retailer in Australia or around the world, then you do need a barcode on your product for price scanning and inventory control.

What type of barcode do I need?
Most retail barcodes in Australia are EAN-13, where the first 9 digits show the registrar and company and the last 3 digits are the item itself. You buy batches of 1000 licenses or barcode numbers. Why so many? Different sizes, colours, flavours, weights or styles, require unique barcodes for each one.

Bar codes

Our Design Process

Our experience means that, we totally understand all the necessary aspects of the product design process.


Think of the brand as how your customers perceive your product.


Do your homework on competitors, features and benefits, usage directions and safety requirements,


The design can make or break the product. Understanding the customer's wants and needs is the key


Create the required Catalogs, colour charts​, Product PDFs & information downloads

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I’ve have had the pleasure of working on some amazing projects on behalf of my clients over the past 30 years.  I pride myself in helping my clients reach their strategic business goals.  Click on the link below to see just some of the projects I have created. Please check back frequently as we continue to add work to my portfolio.

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