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Graphic & Brand Design

Our 30+ years of  graphics, advertising & marketing experience means that we have the proven skills and experience to complete almost any type of media or graphics task you require. From full outsourced marketing and advertising to one off Graphic Design, Print & Catalogues, Web, Newspapers, Signage and Vehicles, Email Marketing, Industrial Graphics and Facebook/Social Media items. BlueCrystal Creative aim to respond to the needs of our clients.  

Full range of Print and Design Products.

Full range of Print and Design Products, Brochure Design, Typesetting of Books & Reports, Flyer & Poster Design, Direct Mail & Marketing Materials, Postcard Design, Newsletters, Packaging and Labels, Presentation Kits, Brochures, Product catalogues, Restaurant Menu Design, Stationery Design, Business Card & Letterhead Design, Letterhead Templates


Millers Meats Page 5sm

Brochures, flyers, labels, business cards and banners. Whatever your print media needs are, i am sure to come up with a stand-out design. You can use your preferred printers or we can take care of the printing for you.


I have done a number of business Image Re-branding projects this example is Southside Fleet Maintenance in Yatala. This full image encompassed re-branding of Building and Vehicle Signage, Website, Print Materials & email. It was done over a few months and totally transformed the business image.


Whether your needs are large or small, we have the printing process that is perfectly matched to your job, your budget, and schedule: Digital Print, Litho in single or multi-colour, Four-color process printing or State-of-the-art digital printing, Large-format outdoor or even colour copying for short-run.


Let us create a logo that is perfect for your business.  A logo that relates to your industry, your products/services and is customer friendly.  I understand that your new logo needs to suit your business, how you work and how you might grow.

Let me explain a nail salon, an accountant and a electronic product manufacture/distributor for example all have totally different logo needs. Only the manufacturer will need to have a logo that is easily printed onto boxes and delivery vehicles, where as an accountant logo needs to show stability and strength and on the other hand (excuse the pun) the Nail salon needs to show detail and artistic skill. Not in only in the logo image, but in the typeface, the colours, the amount of space within the logo, all speak subliminally of the business and brand standards.   Secondly it important to understand the various needs and future needs of the business, signage, vehicles, printing and how reproduction processes needed by each business enables me to create a logo that will work as the business grows.  For example a company that ships boxes around the word has different needs to a digital only business.

All too often I see logos created by people that have no understanding of how our logo is to be used and where it is to be seen.  Our many years experience in designing Logos and working on Identity & re-branding ensures that we can produce a logo that clearly identifies you and your business.


We offer a wide range of graphic illustrations services including: Industrial, Product, Decals, marking & branding, Product Packaging & design, GUI design, Touch screens & SCADA, Digital prototyping, Training & Product Manual graphics, Control Panel Overlays, LASER and CNC Backing Panels & Templates

Entertainment Posters

I love doing Band and Artist Posters one of the real appeals of a gig posters is that it’s a physically printed product, not virtual. Expressing the personality of the artist is the key, whilst reaching their audience. Don’t forget that a lot of these posters are intended as keepsakes or merchandise, as opposed to just promotional items before it happens.


Signs are the most cost effective and durable advertising investment a normal “On the street” business can make, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, your signage is promoting your business, the general look and feel of the sign tells passing potential customers not just who you are, and what you do but what type of service and price range to expect.

BlueCrystal Creative is proud to offer a full sign design, manufacture & installation service. We produce colour signage on a range of materials including colorbond, plastic, acrylic, perspex, coreflute, diebond, wood, metal and even on magnetic sheeting.

Customers Testimonials

A Testimonial is tremendous reward, it provides great and lasting satisfaction in knowing you've served your clients' interests and done a good job. It gives me tremendous satisfaction when our wonderful clients take the time to acknowledge their satisfaction of working collaboration together and by supplying BlueCrystal Creative with their gracious testimonials. ~ I thank them very much
Peter is one of the most creative & hard working person that I have worked
with. He is prepared to undertake
any challenge to deliver the right product for the customer, whether
it be filming in a paddock or being
knee high in fat or driving 500Km.
I have no hesitation in recommending Peters work & I look forward to a very long working relationship with
Blue Crystal Creative.
Client Test 0004 JOANNE
Jo Field
Euro Pumps Pty Ltd
Amazingly Versatile’ is what comes to mind when I think about Peter. Peter has expertly filled the creative/designer role for my company’s marketing since 2010 by rebuilding our website and creating printed material. In that time he has also created our company videos, trade show stand graphics and materials, produced a whole range of stickers for the taxis, installed our signs, done the product photography and much more. Simply, Peters is a really handy guy to know. Thanks again, Peter.
Client Test 0001 Amind
Amin Noroozi
Amind Mobilty
"Peter, Many Thanks for your superb assistance and quick reply every time, all the time. Your professionalism and ability to adapt to our requirements exceeded my expectations.
Without you I may possible have given up. It is terrific to work with you.I have no hesitation in recommending you to any company.”
Client Test 0002 sonja3
Sonja Dragic
ABKO Cleaning Services Pty Ltd

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I’ve have had the pleasure of working on some amazing projects on behalf of our clients over the past 30 years. I pride myself in helping my clients reach their strategic business goals.  Click on the link below to see just some of the projects I have created. Please check back frequently as we continue to add work to my portfolio.