What type of video production
do you need?

Web video helps visitors understand the advantages and benefits of your business by showing your products or services in a way that’s easy to understand.  A quality video will also give your web site a major SEO advantage with google and other major search engines.

BlueCrystal Creative fill the gap between major video production company’s and semi-pro operators, we use professional quality gear, and have our own 7x9m video studio and Recording studio.


Video testimonials are some of the most powerful and cost effective marketing and sales tools you can have.

Because word of mouth
is the best advertising

Video testimonials capture, display and share your customers reactions. it shows your customers that they’re going to get the quality, service and the results that they want. 


A good product video both informs and inspires viewers to give you their attention (and their wallets).

Ask, what problem
is your product solving?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a product videos could be worth a thousand sales as it shows the product benefits and how it fits into your customers’ lives.


Corporate videos show the unique selling advantages, capabilities and personality of your businesses.

No more boring slide shows

Corporate videos let you focus on the advantages of your product or service information on a person-to-person level letting the viewer relate on an emotional level and be reminded that your business is run by people who share similar values and beliefs them.


Training videos lower costs, ease training scheduling pressures, boost compliance and ensure that your message is always exactly the same overtime and all points are covered .


Q & A videos answer the questions that your customers want to know.  Show the added features and benefits of your product or service and how they can be best used to the customers advantage.


Bring your Internal Communications to life with video! … Do your customers or staff even really notice when a new product is released or know about major news or changes 

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Without a video presence online, your missing out on
a massive audience and potential customers.

Facebook has billions of users online. Twitter has millions of users and LinkedIn has millions,
all of these are world wide and 24/7/365.  An online video can give your web site a major advantage with google and other major search engines. Video helps visitors understand the advantages of your business by showing your products or services in a way that’s easy to understand.


A great video starts with a great video script, whether you’re making a Corporate Video, Product or Service Video, A TV Commercial or and Explainer video. Your video story is told through editing, motion graphics, music, sound effects and voice over, not just words. The sound and visuals should work together to make your story and messaging easy to understand.


Directing your video requires a well-rounded understanding of people, to get the best out of the crew and cast, operating the camera, setting lighting, interpreting the script and reacting to whatever variable comes up to get the best scene possible filmed. It's like playing a game of chess, while driving a rally car, (you have be focused on the moment but living a little bit in the future.)


A Video is 50% sound and it's the Voice, the music and audio effects that will make your video stand out! On-Line videos are often the first point of contact with customers., and when it comes to making an impression, a professional voice can make you sound professional.


Editing can make or break the overall quality of a video. Understanding the right rhythm and needs of each story and how to tell it in the most engaging and economical way possible. Whether it be animation or live action video or CGI. Adding Photos, graphs , animation and extra video footage is adds interest and helps your audience understand your message.

Our Services

We offer all the necessary video production services
to get your video production looking amazing.

  • A professionally written script
  • On-site filming
  • Voice over talent
  • Graphic design of photos, logo and graphics
  • Editing and
  • Uploading your video
  • Weekly detailed reports and tracking

Our Process

As you can see when creating a video production there’s a lot going on behind the scenes.  Using our experience we guide you though what you can expect what is required.

Whether you want to incorporate video into your website, corporate marketing tools or create a film to stand on its own, producing a great video is easier when you have a plan.

Define the video

We chat about what you’re looking for and understand your business.

Light, Direct & Shoot

Directing crew and cast, operating the camera, setting lighting to get the best scene possible filmed.

Draft the script

 Plan the steps needed make your story and messaging easy to understand.​

Video Editing & CGI

You can do more than ever with your video these days, 3D, keying, colour correction, animation and graphics

Consult with you

Together we review the script, the budget and ensure we are on target

Review & Upload

The last step before uploading the video to YouTube is the review and approval

View my Portfolio

I’ve have had the pleasure of working on some amazing projects on behalf of our clients over the past 30 years.  I pride myself in helping my clients reach their strategic business goals.  Click on the link below to see just some of the projects I have created. Please check back frequently as we continue to add work to my portfolio.

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