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The Power of Strategic Product Labelling

In retail, “you absolutely DO judge a book by its cover”. Your product labelling and packaging is the most vital single aspect, it’s where the look informs and inspires the buyers choice. Your products packaging and label design pull together all the critical elements – Your logo, taglines, the colours, the label information, are all critical, even having full and clear GHS compliant details helps build trust, everything is orchestrated to ensure your product doesn’t get left on the shelf.

Capturing a potential customer’s attention with the amount of competing products becomes a visual and physiological challenge. Crafting distinctive and captivating custom retail packaging that builds brand trust and box designs tailored to your product becomes a key sales metric. Having an ability to stand out amidst competitors in crowded aisles, empowers your product. BlueCrystal Creative’s experience means that designing and manufacturing this packaging doesn’t cost a fortune; we thrive on experience and thoughtful execution.

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Building your brand identity

Design to get noticed.

Your product needs to be unique, yet relatable the design must shine amidst competing products. Designing to convey your USP and any other pertinent information for an informed purchase decision becomes paramount. Before starting, taking the time to comprehend the sales environment that the product is sold in is critical. Analysing your competitors’ looks and finding the right colours/designs that lets you be seen, pinpointing unique selling points, and strategizing any POS material extras needed to stand out. Every part contributes to informing and guiding potential buyers.

Understanding GHS Compliance

For products that involve chemical components and retail distribution, understanding the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) is a necessity. This internationally unified system for chemical classification and hazard communication defines labeling and Safety Data Sheets (SDS). The current scenario involves varied national systems and protocols, complicating regulation, and adding layers of complexity. Our expertise in chemical-based products equips BlueCrystal Creative with the experience to guide you through the essential GHS requirements.

Decoding the Barcode Puzzle

Retail barcodes are essential. If your products want to stand a chance of grace the shelves of retailers in Australia or worldwide, a barcode is non-negotiable – it’s a lifeline for price scanning and inventory management. Which barcode fits your needs? EAN-13 barcodes are commonplace in Australia, featuring the registrar and company details in the first 9 digits and the unique product identifier in the last 3. Each product variation, be it in size, colour, flavour, weight, or style, requires its own barcode for precision. The batch of 1000 licences ensures this accuracy and distinction.

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In the intricate realm of product presentation, strategic labelling wields immense power. It bridges the gap between attracting attention and conveying vital information. At BlueCrystal Creative, we specialise in providing this symbiotic blend of artistry, and technology, all transforming your product into a compelling story that resonates with customers and stands out in the bustling marketplace.

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